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Forest Soils for Silviculture Surveyors – 1 Day

This 1 day course is intended for individuals with minimal soil knowledge. The course is a combination of theory and practical field experience, introducing identification of basic soil properties and understanding their relevance in reforestation recommendations and decision-making.This course is recommended for students requiring a soils review, prior to completing the Silviculture Survey Accreditation Exam. Field exercises will include the identification and measurement of basic soil components and properties including soil texture. Soils information will be recorded on the FS 657 (survey card). Classroom exercises will include case studies intended to encourage the consideration of soils when completing reforestation recommendations.

Cost: $170.00 + GST

forest soils


Day 1:

  • Soil Components
  • Soil Properties
  • Soil Development
  • Soil Data Collection for Silviculture Surveys
  • Soils and How They Impact Reforestation
  • Recommendations

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