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Multi-storey and Layered Surveys – 1 Day

This 1 day course is intended for surveyors with basic silviculture survey experience. The session is also helpful to those preparing for the Silviculture Survey Accreditation Exam in the interior of B.C. Both multi-storey and layered survey types will be reviewed, with similarities and differences discussed. The session will provide an opportunity to practice data collection techniques and summary procedures for both survey types.

Cost: $170.00 + GST




  • Introduction to Multi-storey and Layered Surveys
  • Stand Structures Suitable for Multi-Storey Surveys
  • Uneven-aged Stocking Standards and Nesting
  • Multi-Storey Data Collection
  • Summarizing Multi-Storey Surveys
  • Stand Structures Suitable for Layered Surveys
  • Even-aged Stocking Standards
  • Layered Survey Data Collection
  • Summarizing Layered Surveys

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